Making Rings Out of Polygel? Jewelry from Nail Art Supplies

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After seeing people on Tik Tok make rings out of polygel and other nail art supplies... I knew I had to try! Also sorry in advance for being so scrambled!

Inspo videos: @annakxc & @kaylielately on tik tok

♡ The codes and links with * are affiliate which means I earn a small commission if you use them, if you don't want to - I understand ♡

CANADA get the last of my polygel kit here: *

Moon/gem/shapes mold:
Bear mold:
Jelly gel on my first set of nails: *
Green gel on my second set of nails: *
Jewelry supply kit: *
Earring posts & backs: *
Jelly pink gel: *
Jelly pink polygel: *
Fake hand:
Sweet craving deco kit: *
E-file: *
Matte top coat: *
Yellow gel: *
Lamp: *
Iridescent powder: *
Purple glitter: *
Flower bead ring:

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